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Helloween - Skyfall

I fell from the sky… so DON’T ask me why!

   When you are listening to Heavy Metal and you started listening almost thirty four years ago, it means you share the same age with many of the stars of the genre. And nothing, believe me, ladies and gentlemen, nothing gives you bigger pleasure than knowing is seeing that these fine people, who contributed in your musical evolution as a listener over these decades, are still around, creating amazing music, staying young for eternity. Our eternity, no matter how small that could be…

   Helloween, the unique Teutonic locomotive, are back with their brand new eponymous album and the first single is “Skyfall”. A 12-minute epic, a thunder at large, with all different types and motifs of tempos, speed, sequence, riffing revolution and lyrical approach. Kai Hansen can be proud, alongside his bandmates, for that master (of a) piece! Pointing at the “old” formation, featuring an amazing ensemble of seven virtuoso musicians. With the comeback of Kai and Michael Kiske – maybe the most powerful and greatest European singer ever, the mothership is now set and ready for its future voyages. The band has recorded using Ingo’s (gone but never forgotten) original drumkit and the producers made sure this one is a winner! With Charlie Bauerfeind and the Goldfinger himself, Mr. Dennis Ward, you can’t have nothing but top knots quality in everything you do and achieve.

   Respective video is portraying the seven-minute edit of the song, built in a wonderful package, produced by Martin Häusler. Probably the best video of the year – already!

   Not much to say really… No, strike that one right out. PLENTY to say! We will be back with album review and the interview of course. Until then… Andi Deris, Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Kai Hansen, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner and Dani Löble, we salute you!

Costas Koulis
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