= Lightfold - A-Live AFTER VIRUS


Lightfold - A-Live AFTER VIRUS

   So, let me get this str8… pun intended, commercial break NOT! I came to Greece, the land of the gods, I was sincerely tagged along for a little bit of fun and I’m supposed to face the end of the world as we know it? No, wait a bit, laddies! Where’s my corta panda of fine souvlaki with chips on the side? Where’s mE open bar inexplicable excuse on a fine Summer’s day? Janarta meen? Oh, bh… So the hobbitses finest and some blond brood of a brod promised me a night out, including liveish pleasure? ISH? Must be a bizarre scene in a controversial motion picture… Nay, it ain’t the end! When I say it is, then it is most welcome to enter the premises. I’m still young, I’m still sparky, I want to visit the US (bloody yanks, it’s almost a pity you have all these fine bands over there) and I want to watch as many Live shows as I can, till I hit post puberty metadramatic borders…
   Thus, me Greek chaperons told me there is this live adventure in a studio, performed by a Greek Metal band answering the name Lightfold. Thus, we found ourselves at the Live Sound Studios and grabbed the opportunity to watch a livething without worrying about it. Naturally we took all precautions, however… That was a first for me! Okay, so the Download and the Mids and the Moors and London Live shows are my cup of tea, yet a live show in a studio by a truly struggling Metal vehicle… Now, that is something I would care about and attend. Gimme a crack-owl pint, feed me after midnight and you might see me getting affectionate. Blimey, but this whole lockdown pathetic anti-virus reality has reached us without a cause. Seeing all internet pasts and certain “live” streaming shows, sometimes for a price… NOT my cup of tea, NOT my mug of ale. I don’t need to strike a pose and watch the tube all day. I haven’t got the patch batch for substitutional mediocre rubbish. I’m all for a good LIVE time, following a GOOD band on stage, regardless the magnitude, the resume, the selling points. Got to listen to the “Deathwalkers” album by Lightfold. Nicko’s piece of advice at its best. “If I don’t see you in Spring… I see you in the mattress”! Fine album, fine music and a story to indulge. Now, that could be a chance for fun in a metallic surrounding.

   Me Greek lady friend made sure we arrived at the studio at nine-ish. Hobbitses kickbacked. Blimey, but wasn’t he the one insisting I should attend? Anyways, it turned out as a remarkable set of friends awaiting some friends to play for friends. Them Lightfold peeps hit the stage at ten-ish and it was a live battery assault. I do not have a clue about the end of the world warnings in terms of hour striking, yet it did not affect us one bit. The livething stood proud. Now, I understand that the band lead singer, Martin Deathwalker – I do emphasize on the name as I suspect it’s a nick – could not perform, having burned too many calories over rehearsals and chose a friend of the band, some block named Thanos, to step up and sing instead of him. I also understand that this block is a guitarist who can sing as well. What I do NOT understand is how a singer can be worn out via rehearsals. Deathwalker has been deathwalked? Well…

   The band played like there was no tomorrow though. Absolutely tuned in and fine-tuned, performed a flowless set, although they kept on pocking eachother and creating a swirl of laughter inside the studio. It was a solid and honest live, portraying the album “Deathwalkers” and effectively showing that the band consists of some fine musicians. I think I will stop now as I would like to listen to that album once more.

   I happened to take a look around one too many times during the band’s performance. The people in the studio had the best time! I would like to say, in all fairness, that such live shows are truly a medicine for those who enjoy concerts. The spectators get to see the creators baring their souls and giving heartfelt signals of their istros. Yeah, that is a Greek word. One feels overtaken by such an honest appearance, glimpsing on the musicians very hearts, obtaining more and more off the live magic. For those not keen on the subject, there is always the tube and the synagogues of nothingness. For that ought to be in a live level, I would beg to differ with any other option. Thus, THE LIVE! Humongous thanks to my two friends for thinking about me, thanks to my blond dynamic galpal (oh, yanks) for bringing me to the live spot, absolutely no thanks to the hobbitses for ducking out and cheers to all who attended. A night (out) to remember…

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