= H.E.A.T - Lazy Man's Load - LiVE @ Gagarin, Athens, Greece


H.E.A.T - Lazy Man's Load - LiVE @ Gagarin, Athens, Greece

You know… You never know…
   There are so many great bands out there. Some of them really awesome, some of them really fantastic and some of them really fabulous. And then there’s H.E.A.T. All of the above and maybe even more! I have to say that I was also present during their last gig here in Athens and it was a blast. Pure celebration of music itself. And now we are taking our second dosage, making H.E.A.T the ultimate cultural and psychological vaccine against misery, sadness, everything which could threaten to damage our very own inside. From head to toe. From the heart and our very soul.

   What was that? Opening act? You betcha! Greek melodic bulldozer, answering the name “Lazy Man’s Load”, is back on stage, making a huge fuss and creating a most-post-host melodic chaos. Talking about immense and powerful appearance, stage dominating and a bunch of songs everybody loved to like. The boys are celebrating life and the fact is they can write great songs and perform them live. We are eagerly awaiting their sophomore album, we are darn sure it’s gonna be great and we look forward to listening to some more LML music LiVE – Yeah, too many puns intended.

Into The Red Mist, Juke Joint, Prime Evil, Outlaws Serenade, In For The Kill, Southern Fried Homicide, Start Breathing, Gomorah, Pilgrim And The Witch, Hot As A 2$ Pistol

   The H.E.A.T is on, ladieZ and gentZ! Unorthographical yet so true. The boys from Sweden know how to make a crowd go bananas, then go surfing and most probably crowd surfing. From the first second – okay, I promise not to talk and/or write like that again – till the end of the concert, the band from Sverige took the stage by storm. Kenny is the new kid on the block, however, he is the original singer of the band. And he earned our total respect that night. So emotional, so communicative, so into it, so dedicated. A good, charismatic frontman, leading a group which is like fire stagewise. It’s his first time ever in his professional career that he visits the land of the godZ and he’s as fit as a fiddle, regardless a cough which wanted him to drop out. But the warrior is aware, and he knows what to do. Best medication ever? The love of the crowd, a killer band and a bouquet made of songs we can not say no to.

   “Are you feeling it, Athens”? Kenny became our best bud during that concert. Crash boasted the room with a sonic solo and splashed the cymbals all over the place. Guitar and bass were absolutely enormous, and baroque-ish and keyboards blended with our minds, creating an amazing atmosphere. The boys are so gifted they just need a few nanoseconds to win, to overcome, to maintain their characterization as one of the hottest bands nowadays. They are GOoD at what they do, and they don’t need us to confirm. They simply rule the venue and make sure we all get that. And we did. Ehm… About the bunch of peeps who travelled from Israel to see them LiVE… Wow in the third degree! Smart move to bring your flag along, too.

   Apart from extra loved “Living On The Run” – maaaaan, this is one freakin’ awesomic chorus – and the rest of the bunch, which practically swept us off our feet, the fine Swedish gents closed the set with an utterly emotional epilogue, the likes of “There For You”. Kenny was really addressing us as if we were old schoolmates or student buds. At the end… nothing but continuous applauding and best wishes for a quick return. I don’t think that Greece and Sweden were ever that close. And it’s all because of a band forged in H.E.A.T.

Costas Koulis

One By One, Rock Your Body, Dangerous Ground, Emergency, Redefined, Straight For Your Heart, Late Night Lady, Come Clean, Drum Solo (Crash), Back To The Rhythm, Beg Beg Beg, Cry, 1000 Miles, Living On The Run, Nationwide, A Shot At Redemption
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