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Είδος Heavy Metal
Χώρα Israel
   Desert was founded in 2002 by guitarist Max Shafranski in one of Israel's industrial and cultural centers, the city of Beer-Sheva. The band's name was chosen for a reason - it was located in the middle of biblical sands where Moses has led his people to the Promised Land ages ago.
   In 2004 vocalist Alexei Raymar and keyboard player Oleg Aryutkin (just 16 years old at the time!) joined the band and things became serious. Desert has expanded it's musical palette since then, mixing in some darker colors to go with power metal glitter. Through the following years the band released a demo "The Way to Honor" (2004) and a self-produced EP "Prophecy of The Madman" (2006), both receiving positive reviews in web-zines all over the world. After some initial shuffling, the line-up was complete with bassist Sergei Dmitrik, drummer Zohar Telor, and another guitarist Sergei "Metalheart" Nemichenister. The band became known in Israel for it's energetic heavy metal show, well-rehearsed with great attention to both musical and visual elements of the performance, constantly aiming to outperform themselves. Desert has been gigging various venues ranging from small clubs to open-air festivals, sharing bills with acts like Sabaton, Draconian, Nightmare, Tim "Ripper" Owens.
   Desert's debut album, entitled Star of Delusive Hopes, was released in late 2010 through Greek label Sleaszy Rider . The internet single Lament for Soldier's Glory, featuring a guest performance by Joakim Broden, the lead singer of Sabaton, received an instant recognition by fans in both Israel and Europe.
   Star of Delusive Hopes tells stories of great men and women who lived and gave their for freedom and beliefs, stories of lost hopes and betrayal. The lyrics describe great deeds by Giordano Bruno, Joan of Arc, heroes of Massada siedge, and unknown soldiers who fought and died in the fields of Russia.
   The material was recorded in June 2009 under the supervision of producer Nick Savio (White Skull, Cyber Cross) in town of Vicenza, Italy. Mix and mastering were done by legendary Andy LaRocque - the legendary Grammy-nominated guitarist of King Diamond in his own Sonic Train studio in Varberg, Sweden.
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