Secret Illusion

Είδος Melodic Metal
Χώρα Greece
   Secret Illusion is a Greek Power Metal band and took form somewhere in the middle of 2007 in the city of Athens. At 2008 the first demo of the band, called “Silent Voices”, was released. At 2011 was released the 1st studio album “Illusion”.

   “Illusion” received some great reviews, all over the world, and proved to be an excellent start for the band! 2 EP's came up next, "Turn Back Time" & "Point of no Return" at 2012 and at 2014 Secret Illusion returned with a new offering entitled “Change of Time”, the 2nd studio album. At 2015 the band released a brand new digital single, called “Winds of Tomorrow”, with Evmenios Poulias behind the keyboards and the unbelievable Vasilis Axiotis on vocals this time! After that, the two main composers, Filippos and Evmenios, entered their personal studio to create the new album of the band. After 2 years of recording and mixing process, Secret Illusion signed a brand new contract to Lion Music and are about to unleash their 3rd full length album entitled “Awake Before the Dawn”.
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