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Είδος Power Metal
Χώρα Greece
   DivUrge were formed in Greece, August 2016 by guitarists Dimitris Stasinos (Clairvoyant) and Manos "InfuseR" Psarros (Leprosy, ex Obsecration). The common sounds and good communication developed between them within a very short period of time, along with the desire of both to compose music, led them to start writing songs in September 2016, in order to release a full length album.

   In October 2016, Phil Roussos (My Inferno, Simplefast) joined the band on the vocals and Nicolas Loukopoulos (Shatter, ex Seasons A.C.) on the drums. Between August and September 2017, a bunch of talented musicians offered their skills as guest appearances on our album! These people are Zoe Mouratoglou (Mood Swings) who recorded the female vocals, Dimitris Giannakopoulos (Sunlight) recorded the high pitched power vocals, Elias Zounis (Moral Corruption) recorded the really low growl vocals, Revekka Tsou (Nochnoy Dozor, The Swinging Crows, Divine Dissection) recorded the female vocals on the bonus track of the album and finally, Jim Ramses (Chrysilia, Keepers Of Jericho, On Thorns I Lay), who eventually became a permanent member of the band, recorded the bass lines. In November 2017 after we decided that a few "last minute coloring touches" in some songs are for the best during the mixing/mastering period, a new addition to the list of the amazing musicians that have contributed to the making of this album was made! Alina Marini did an amazing job on the percussions!

   Their musical style is moving around the Power Metal genre with Symphonic / Orchestral coloring of their own personal touch. The power riffs, the melodic lead passes, the angry djent breakdowns, the essential solos with the dreamlike dual solos, as well as the truly imposing rhythm section, harmoniously meet up with the male power / growls / screams and the female jazzy-operatic vocals (yes, THIS can happen too!). Things get even more zestful when the combination of all of the above is intricately intertwined with the theatrical sharing of the vocal lines, in relation to the lyrics. There, what is pointed out is their comprehensive hard work, referring to who performs, in what vocal style and at what parts, as well as the parts containing choruses.

   When it comes to their lyrics, one would say that they are dealing with the human’s inner world and their worries, within the eternity of space-time.

   Some of their influences include Therion, Helloween, Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Amaranthe, Dynasty, Kamelot and many others.

   “Point Of No Return” is their mind blowing debut full length album with a total of 11 songs including the intro, outro and a cover of Sandra's Maria Magdalena as a bonus track. Clocking in at 51 mins, "Point Of No Return" will leave the listener hungry for more, daring them to replay the album again and again discovering more amazing things every time!

   Production, Mixing and Mastering were done by Dionysis Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels, Foray Between Ocean, CFN Recordings Studio) and DivUrge, while the band’s artwork is created and designed by Manos “Infuser” Psarros (MPs Design).
Band Members:
Phil Roussos - Vocals
Danae Michailidou - Vocals
Dimitris Stasinos - Guitars
Manos "InfuseR" Psarros - Guitars
Jim Ramses - Bass
Nicolas Loukopoulos – Drums
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