72 Seasons

72 Seasons
Κυκλοφόρησε 2023
Format LP
Ενημερώθηκε στις Παρασκευή, 14 Απριλίου 2023
Είδος Heavy Metal
Εταιρία Blackened Recordings


72 Seasons
Shadows Follow
Screaming Suicide
Sleepwalk My Life Away
You Must Burn!
Lux Æterna
Crown of Barbed Wire
Chasing Light
If Darkness Had a Son
Too Far Gone?
Room of Mirrors

Title track kicks off. Guitars are getting warmed up. Cymbals join in. Riffing on its way. And boom! They engage. Riffing the way Metallica wants… should I say the Metallica way? Vocals enter. Rockish, angry, Hetfield-ish. Ladies and gents, welcome to the new yellow and black attack! Seems that the monster decided to put those two colors back on the map. Studio album #11 for the Americans, seven years after “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”.

The boys chose to keep Greg Fidelman as a producer and they did well. It’s a solid, honest and crystal-clear production, showcasing the band’s powerful rhythmic cataclysm. The title track is changing through different motifs of speed and riffing expressions. And yes, this is a GOOD snare sound! “Shadows Follow” is equally aggressive, yet it’s a mid tempo thunder. Tight orchestration, I really like the crescendos and the tutti’s. Still my shadows follow! And then it’s open season for riffs and more riffs. There is a leading part, which is really exciting. Solo is entering and it’s really a question for science why a virtuoso the likes of Kirk is so much in love with his wah pedal. You know what? This beaty is a totally colossal riffer!

Next one is “Screaming Suicide” and it’s a fast blast. Hetfield is Het over hills with this ballbreaker. The way he’s spitting the words, the way he enunciates… Rhythm section is solider than solid, with Trujillo dominating all lower frequencies and Ulrich punishing the skins. I love what Hetfield is doing with the backing vox.

Okay… What is THAT? The bass/drums intro is fantastic, guitars are crawling back in and we are in for a good neckbreaker. “Sleepwalk My Life Away” and a mid tempo groover is leaving the ground as we speak. That riff could be a distant cousin of Sandman? Heck, why not? It’s also theirs, right? “You Must Burn” features a large – and I mean LARGE – riff, reminding us of the old times. Mid tempo as well, fire in the house and a lyrical nightmare – yeah, I’m talking about these vocals… “Lux Æterna” is up next. You all know this one, it’s their first single off the album. What’s that? You hear bits of “Hit The Lights”? Well, isn’t it fun when a band is revisiting and reminiscing? Should I remind of you of the #MONO dudes and their revisiting to “Wasted Years” with “Shadows Of The Valley”? Now you know. Lux is a fast attacker and we love the way the boys are having fun with it. Must be a great LiVE thing…

“Crown Of Barbed Wire” is entering speakers and headphones. Mid tempo, a genuine firearm, with Lars putting that 2/2 on the snare, one of his trademarks. Groover to the boner and a firm hitter at large. Guitars are having a ball with this one.

There’s no light! And the bulldozer is on his way. Mid tempo blasts, the tutti’s are on and then… DA RIFF! Song is now faster and even more delicate. Tempo is once again changing and the voice is up next. These constant speed changes are making the song what it is. A berserk of a melodic axe! “If Darkness Had A Son” is also known to the fans for a few days, because of the net exposure. Intro is a bomb! Them boys are killing the riffing and vocals enter after eighty seconds! No worries, boys, we like the waiting. Dunno about you, but I think that LiVEwise this one can be a treat. Temptation, leave me be-oh!

“Too Far Gone?” and another megariff landing. Okay, so there is a bunch of rifftrees over Metallica’s garden, yet we don’t get to see all of them in once, cuz the boys want to entertain us the proper way. Kirk’s solo shines through and the voice is so tremendous… Another LiVEr? Yeah! Ehm… before going to the next one, can I press repeat on this? Thank you all!

“Rooms Of Mirror” run smoothly and fast, grooves around the chorus and then storms out again. Very melodic verse; the voice is filling all gaps, like some sort of self-levelling cement created by nanotechnology. Very cool guitar solo by the might KRK. And those twin guitars… amazing!

The epilogue is near. “Inamorata” (stands for female sweetheart or lover) is an eleven-min song, born of riffing and powerful playing. The story is cynical, the fable is on. There’s no lover here. Only a darkened guest… “Misery, she needs me. Misery, she loves me. Misery, she kills me. Misery, she fills me”. This is a journey to the depth of the human soul. And it’s portrayed via a ricochet over minds and words. Basslines are killer ones. “Thank you, goodnight”! Metallica are back and they know they are. You know what? The boys don’t need any reviews. Not even one! They are huge, they have millions of fans, they play sold out arenas for years and they will always do. What they really need is their love for music and the smiles on our faces, when we attend their concerts. JLKR, welcome! Nice to see you, to see you nice! RIFF!

Costas Koulis

72 Seasons

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